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Introducing Hashrate Marketplace
Rig listing guide

Download file depending on yous system preferences.


Unzip ManageRigs.com_Linux.img from ManageRigs.com_Linux.zip


Write ManageRigs.com_Linux.img to USB flash drive. We suggest using Rufus.ie writer


Change YOUR_BTC_WALLET line in btc.txt to your BTC wallet address for payouts


Boot your rig from newly created USB flash drive


Enjoy! You can check your stats by entering your BTC wallet address

Additional questions

Installation instructions for Windows and Linux
It's really easy to use:
  • You download the app and run on your mining rig like a regular mining application.
  • When you first start, specify the address of your BTC wallet for payments.
That's all. ManageRigs is fully automated.
You can check statistics and balance here.
Installation Video for Linux image here.
What graphics cards do you support?
Our service currently supports Nvidia Geforce cards from 1060 and up.
You can connect a computer with even one video card to the ManageRigs system.
What is the minimum payout threshold? Fees?
The amount you see in control panel is the amount you will receive on your BTC wallet.
Payments are made automatically on Mondays or on request for withdrawal in Bitcoins once reaching the threshold of 0.002 BTC.
Our service as well as basic technical support is provided free of charge. Miner itself contans 2% dev fee.
How do you get more income?
  • We use different methods of increasing profit, including:
  • mining actual profitable coins, real-time analytics
  • automatic switching between cryptocurrencies and algorithms
  • auto exchange, stop-loss protection
  • own pools without fees
  • use the fastest latest mining software
  • honest 2% dev fee in miner
  • we do all the work for you and do it professionally
Got additional questions or want to collaborate? Just give us a line)
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