"Money" button - autominer in action or how to automate rig

In the mining world, as in any other, there are legends. One of them is the “Legend of the “Bablo” button. Next is the story about automatic mining.

Everyone knows how mining works, but not everyone knows about automatic mining. The user installs a miner on his farm, selects a pool, gets the corresponding coin purse, writes the settings in the .bat file, waits for a while, selects a new coin and repeats the described algorithm again. Sometimes these procedures need to be done several times a day, and sometimes more often - this is not automatic mining.

Of course, a lazy miner is a man who values his time and knows how to spend it effectively - wants to simplify the procedure before pressing a button once. Everybody dreams of automating the rig. The mythical miner, which is not necessary to set up, and to launch which you just have to run it and got the name “Bablo” Button, this is a program to automate the farm and carry out fully automatic mining of profit coins.

Obviously, the developers sat down at their shabby laptops and began scribbling millions of lines of code - wonderful multipole switch, dual currency miners and other developments that were interesting, but did not solve the problem, came out. NiceHash did something close, but mired in a variety of settings, opaque statistics and other difficulties, with the result that a new interesting product came out, but not the “Bablo” button.

Automaner ManageRigs, as soon as it appeared, immediately had the minimalist interface, familiar to miners, and one single function “Earn”. Was there no settings in it? There was one, and that only at the first start - it was necessary to enter the address of the wallet in order to receive payments from ManageRigs.

ManageRigs program autominer starts to work immediately after launch. You don’t need to register a .bat file, select the best pool, search for the most profitable altcoin, or spend your time on other technical issues that are automatically solved with the help of the AutoMainer Management Service that allows to automate the rig.

On the website, a user can check his statistics, the status of his rigs and get other necessary information. To do this, the miner doesn’t need to go through a long registration procedure, confirm his phone number or otherwise disclose his personal data.

What kind of autominer to choose? Really automatic miners in the form in which they thought, only two. The automatic miner from ManageRigs is noticeably easier to start, friendlier and more stable at work.

Let us summarize. Autominer is a ManagementRigs. Just run the program and go about your business. And let the rig work and earn you money.

ManageRigs Miner Control App is an application
that increases the income of your mining rigs.

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Use our calculator. The resulting value may change during the day.

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Just set up our miner from GitHub and you are ready to go!

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