Setting mining rig for high profit

What to mine, how to mine and set up a mining rig

Profit is income. But in mining, the profit from mining is called profit.
If you want to receive a profit, it is necessary to set up mining farm. Yes, if you do not configure the farm, or set up, but not optimally, then the profit may not even be low, it may not be at all.

Setting up of mining can go in two ways:
The first way - the miner constantly adjusts the rig, chooses what to mine, what coin to mine, tries to raise the speed of mining.
The second way is mining at constant settings. Once a miner took up the farm setup, set it up and it works. Acceleration for mining is sometimes used along this path, but not often. Usually such a way is mining of Ether (Ethereum is such a popular coin).

It is worth remembering that in most cases it is more profitable to mine altcoins and, if desired, buy Ethereum with the money raised.

Ether mining

Ether mining became popular almost immediately after its appearance. Literate advertising prompted many to think that mining Ethereum is the most profitable option to use a mining farm.

Indeed, mine ether is convenient. Setting up a rig mining only once and then you get enough liquid cryptocurrency almost without any participation. You don’t need to constantly choose what to mine, how to mine and customize your mining farm. And if there are many rigs, it is even more understandable why many people chose the mining of the ether.

Efficient setup of mining rigs

Setting up a mining rig for ether mining is simple, but you can earn more by constantly changing your farm settings and mining altcoins. How to choose what is better?

Mining Ethereum is convenient, but it is not very profitable. You can earn more if you mine altcoins and buy Ethereum, if you want to invest in this cryptocurrency.

The best solution is to set up a mining rig so that the farm mines altcoins, switch between profitable algorithms, pools in time, choose which miner to use, if necessary, download the latest version of the miner.

Sounds like a fairy tale? No. It used to be very difficult to set up a mining rig for automatic work - you had to be a programmer to write scripts for automatic rig setup, and today it is enough to use an automatic miner program. Everyone chooses their own, but we recommend ManageRigs - the most modern program that will save you from having to configure daily mining farms for the highest profit.

ManageRigs Miner Control App is an application
that increases the income of your mining rigs.

How much would I get?

Use our calculator. The resulting value may change during the day.

What do I need to start?

Just set up our miner from GitHub and you are ready to go!

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