“I need pills for greed. Yes, more!” - how to increase mining revenue

For someone, mining is a hobby. It is easy to accelerate the cards, increase the hashrate, but all this is not to earn more on the rig, but to sense the management of a powerful rig with the highest hash rate.

Our goal is to increase the earnings of the rig and increase the income from mining in general.

Strange as it sounds, increasing the hashrate is not always the right step if you want to increase the earnings of the rig and increase the mining income. Mining profitability is a derivative of many components. This and the mentioned increase in hashrate (overclocking cards), and physical care of the farm, a quality source of energy.

But, in order to increase rig income, first of all, we recommend to start mining profitable cryptocurrencies, use the most profitable algorithms, run the latest versions of miners. This will have to be monitored, but the rig profits and your mining earnings will grow.

If you increase the hashrate, is it possible to burn the video card? Is overclocking dangerous?

In pursuit of rig income, many miners make an irreparable mistake. They overclock video cards in order to increase the hashrate without thinking about what the performance of video cards they will have. Let them achieve the highest performance of video cards, but in this mode the card will work for six months - a year and the probability of its failure due to the maximum acceleration of the video card will be very high.

The income of the rig, the mining profit will be slightly higher, but if in a year the card has to be changed, the profit of the rig will be spent on the purchase and the farm income as a whole may turn out to be not even zero, but negative.

So, overclocking the video card and increasing the hashrate is a bad idea in the long run.

How to earn more on the rig?

We summarize our reasoning. Raising income from mining can and should be. Use fresh miners that match the current algorithm, look for profitable algorithms, use only proven and best pools, watch for coins that you mine.

If you want that there is still time for personal life - to increase the income from mining, use the automatic miner ManageRigs.

ManageRigs Miner Control App is an application
that increases the income of your mining rigs.

How much would I get?

Use our calculator. The resulting value may change during the day.

What do I need to start?

Just set up our miner from GitHub and you are ready to go!

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