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In 2017, our company began working in the direction of GPU mining. During the first month, we increased the capacity managed by our service four times, in the next two months, already called ManageRigs, nine more times.

The first users of ManageRigs used semi-automatic functions, the user's office wasn’t yet available to them, it wasn’t possible to track the online/offline status of their rigs, no notifications from managers were received.

During the first month of work, the management team of rigs actively worked on product development so that the application worked stably, users of management rigs could get all the necessary functionality and consistently high profit.

The following development steps manage rigs were aimed at the development of UI/UX. Manage Rigs received a new user account with advanced statistics for each user farm, income prediction, the ability to track online / offline user farms status and other functions convenient for miners.

2018 was a year of trials and, for someone, disappointments. Previously, any miner earned good money, regardless of what mine. In 2018, many were mine, but not everyone could earn money on mining. Managers has offered a solution that gave more money on the mining and provided the miner with an automatic miner that allowed mining in automatic mode.

Many interviews with Manage Rigs were asked about the impact of the Bitcoin exchange rate on earnings on mining. Yes, a bitcoin depreciation doesn’t allow miner to earn more, but if you look at the other side, the miner can earn more and get more if he switches to automatic miners, such as managerigs, which completely relieve the miner from working with rigs, from monitoring works, while choosing the most profitable altcoins, the most profitable mining algorithms. What is important, while working with ManageRigs automatic miner application, the user gets access to the expanded statistics, and the withdrawal of funds occurs immediately to Bitcoin without the need to exchange altcoins on the exchange and loss of commissions.

Today the miner doesn’t know what to mine in 2019. It may seem strange, but it doesn’t matter. It is enough to choose the best automatic miner, start it and go about your business. The automatic miner will independently select the most profitable altcoins, the most profitable mining algorithms. Let your rigs work independently and bring you profit.

Manage Rigs automatic miner program completely frees the miner from work on rig monitoring and at the same time generates an income to achieve which the user would spend all his time working with a traditional miner.

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ManageRigs Miner Control App is an application
that increases the income of your mining rigs.

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