What are the best programs for cryptocurrency mining (mining miner)

“Miner puts miner and mines cryptocurrency.”
- Why is everything so difficult?!

We will examine all aspects of cryptocurrency mining.

We already know that mining is a process of cryptocurrency mining. It is clear that everything itself will not work and need a special program for mining on video cards (in our case). This mining program is called a miner.

How does the program for mining work?

First of all, the miner (user) should download the miner program. There may be first difficulties. Easy to download miner along with a virus. Check the program miner with antivirus does not work, or rather work, but in the downloaded miner you will surely find a whole zoo of viruses. And no matter where you downloaded it - from a dubious source or from the official site. In any case, your antivirus will be disabled on the rig and you will need to download the miner from an official source.