What are the best programs for cryptocurrency mining (mining miner)

“Miner puts miner and mines cryptocurrency.”
- Why is everything so difficult?!

We will examine all aspects of cryptocurrency mining.

We already know that mining is a process of cryptocurrency mining. It is clear that everything itself will not work and need a special program for mining on video cards (in our case). This mining program is called a miner.

How does the program for mining work?

First of all, the miner (user) should download the miner program. There may be first difficulties. Easy to download miner along with a virus. Check the program miner with antivirus does not work, or rather work, but in the downloaded miner you will surely find a whole zoo of viruses. And no matter where you downloaded it - from a dubious source or from the official site. In any case, your antivirus will be disabled on the rig and you will need to download the miner from an official source.

In any case, if there are doubts after installing the miner program, you can always write the image to the farm, the saved image of the operating system for mining. After downloading the miner and unpacking it, you will need to create a .bat file with settings (an example of settings can be found in the readme.txt file in the folder with the downloaded miner). Create a shortcut to a decorated .bat file and place it in auto load.

That’s it. You can run the miner and, if everything is done correctly, the mining process will start.

What program for mining to choose?

You have probably noticed that there are cryptocurrency mining programs, if not as much as the currencies themselves, but there are quite a lot of them. How to choose the miner for the algorithm on which to mine? Again, open the official website of the coin, there will be an algorithm and miners for mining on the video cards - download the one that suits you.

Is the latest version of miner always better?

The latest version of the miner won’t always work better on the algorithm on which you mine, but the version has been updated and it may be better in another algorithm. So we recommend to monitor the versions of your mining programs and always download the fresh miner as it is released.

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How much would I get?

Use our calculator. The resulting value may change during the day.

What do I need to start?

Just set up our miner from GitHub and you are ready to go!

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